Three Peaks provides both physical therapy and medical massage. We are a network of experienced therapists that assist patients on a daily basses. We offer a wide range of expertise, back office support for our professional community and ongoing education to individuals as well as industry advocacy.


We want to make a difference in several areas within our industry:

Patients Benefit – by utilizing our network, they can receive physical medical attention, without additional charges.


Massage Therapists Benefit – Three Peaks assists with positioning our profession more legitimately within the medical community, while providing the practitioner with an opportunity to significantly increase their revenue.

Doctors Benefit – When a therapist is working in a doctor’s office, Three Peaks enables the doctor to draw more people into their practice, as well as resume inactive patient accounts, without additional work.

Insurance Companies Benefit – Medical Massage is preventative and cost effective. Patients do not find it necessary to see their doctors for the same complaint, requesting medication for their physical ailments.

 With your help, Three Peaks will be seen as a unique network of specialists,
providing a valuable service available to a broader community.


Quick Survey

What area have you experienced Physical Therapy?

Back Pain - 33.3%
Knee Joints - 25%
ShoulderTension - 33.3%
Toxicity - 4.2%
Respiration - 4.2%
Skin Condition - 0%

Total votes: 24
The voting for this poll has ended on: 31 Dec 2011

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